Yoni Marten, host of the popular podcast “The World According to Yoni,” finally had me as a guest on his show recently. I say finally since it was supposed to happen months ago but due to several unforeseen circumstances — such as that pesky COVID — it took a while to reschedule. Persistence counts as we finally worked it out a few days ago.
Okay, now the bad news. Due to some technical glitches, the video of myself is out of synch with the audio which makes watching it akin to a Godzilla movie. I come in around the 21 minute mark and you’ll see what I mean. As Yoni Marten explained it to me:
“Yeah, I noticed the parts out of sync while we were doing the interview. Actually, it was more that your video froze a few times, while the audio didn’t. Unfortunately, when dealing with software like Zoom and programs like it, that happens sometimes. But what you were saying was more important than the syncing (especially for those listening via the podcast), and I didn’t want to lose your remarks by stopping in the middle, to try and see if we could get the voice and picture to match up better.

Screen grab from my recent talk with Yoni Marten.

Sorry. But even with the video glitches, it’s a great interview. You were funny and engaging. I had fun.”
Well, there you have it. I just figured forewarned is forearmed. The official press release is below….

“NEW (Dateline June 5th) After an absence of several months (watch or listen to the show to find out why), Yoni is back with a new show and a great guest, Dwayne Epstein, author of the NY Times Best-Seller, “Lee Marvin: Point Blank,” a wonderful biography of the late actor. And, naturally, Yoni has a few things to say regarding the current state of American politics. This episode runs a wee bit longer, so you’ll need to leave yourself a little time more time to watch or listen, than usual.

Remember, the show can be watched on the YouTube link connected to this post, or listened to on most of your favorite podcast sites, including Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spotify Amazon Music/Audible, Deezer, etc. And if you enjoy the show, please subscribe to it, either on Yoni’s YouTube channel, or on your favorite podcast site.”

So, feel free to check out our chat at the link below and enjoy…
– Dwayne Epstein

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