Pictured below are frequent costars Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin, two wintery heroes between takes on the set of their last film together in 1981. The two men starred together completely by accident in their first film and costarred again as superstars near the end of their careers. In between had been several other movie & TV projects as discussed in Lee Marvin: Point Blank (everything from Biff Baker, USA to The Dirty Dozen), making the wintery climes of Death Hunt both symbolic and bittersweet.

Marvin’s take on his frequent co-star, who took even longer to reached superstardom than Marvin, is unlike what is often said by others about the stonefaced actor. Marvin personally witnessed Bronson acting out his famous tough guy exterior in the presence of others just to see if he could intimidate them for the fun of it. As Marvin said of Bronson while making The Dirty Dozen: “There’s a little glimmer there way back behind the eyes.”

Of the experience of working again with Bronson years later, Marvin said, “Sometimes during Death Hunt, I’d look over at him and think, ‘Well, here we are, still at it, and we’ve held up well.’ It’s unusual to be able to say that about an old mate.”

'Hunt' w charlie

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this photo. As I told you earlier, I just loved this movie. Perhaps part of that is having lived in “Bush” Alaska for 8 years where the weather was certainly comparable to that at the movie’s location.

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