This Valentine’s Day weekend, may I suggest trying a gift a little different from the traditional? Let’s face it, candy gets eaten real quick and flowers don’t last much longer. Give your loved one the gift of a book as it’s the gift that keeps on giving year after year.

Lee Marvin says it best.

To be more specific, I suggest Lee Marvin Point Blank. It may be the perfect gift for the holiday. But don’t take my word for it alone. Take it from no less an authority than Vanity Fair, as who should know better? Back in 2013, the magazine’s online staff writer James Wolcott probably said it best, or at least better than I ever could and I certainly thank him for it. Oh, and no, I don’t owe him any money.

“FEBRUARY 14, 2013 3:15 PM
“Wash his face. He’s fine.”
It being Valentine’s Day, I can think of no more romantic way to waste the day (before I get to work) than by dipping in and out of a tender, caring, just-published biography of America’s former sweetheart, Lee Marvin. In Lee Marvin: Point Blank, written by Dwayne Epstein, the action star who terrorized the West with a bullwhip in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, taught a squad of murderers and borderline psychos how to love again in The Dirty Dozen, and let Angie Dickinson use him as a punching bag for her furious little fists in the movie that gives this bio its subtitle weaves through the pages like the big rangy scary cat he was.”

So, there you have it. The perfect summation as to why Lee Marvin Point Blank is the perfect gift. You’ll also find out how Marvin himself celebrated the day with his loved ones and it may surprise you.
So go ahead. Give the gift that keeps on giving….or else!

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