The Gentleman Grochowski Show, hosted by one Larry Grochowski out of the Windy City of Chicago hosted yours truly, recently. Apparently, the cable access and now streaming show grew out of stand-up comic Grochowski’s work first on Svengoolie and then eventually his own local program now known as…wait for it, The Gentleman Grochowski Show.

Title card intro image for my appearance on The Grochowski Show.

The website, TV Hams streams it and describes it thusly: “The Gentleman Grochowski Show is a comedy variety television show, spotlighting Chicago’s local talent and rising stars. Fun and exciting interviews, sketches and stand-up comedy has been the backbone of the show for over 19 years. The Gentleman Grochowski Show has something for everyone who appreciates comedy. Join Larry Grochowski along with Partee Wesley, as they bring to you comedy, Chicago style, on The Gentleman Grochowski show! The show airs regionally, Saturdays at 2AM, on WJYS Channel 62 and reaches the Chicagoland area, as well as parts of Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.”  

Grochowski Show screen grab featuring the host and his gray-haired guest.

Rather odd description considering we simply chatted about my book but hey, whatever works. It starts with Grochowski’s monolog and then segues into our conversation about Lee Marvin Point Blank at around the five minute mark. It’s interesting that he mentions having boned up for our chat via Wikipedia instead of actually reading the book. The fact that he brings up Marvin playing the violins and winning a sackful of medals during the war is quickly put to rest by yours truly. Good thing he didn’t mention Captain Kangaroo! I kid. 
Aired live October 17th, 2020, here now is the smoothly edited broadcast version of our talk. So, if you got a few minutes to kil (26 of them, to be precise), click the link and enjoy. Hopefully, it’ll intrigue you enough to get the book. Besides, what else is there to do in this end of the year lock down? Happy holidaze!
– Dwayne Epstein. 
Gentleman Grochowski

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