Bobby Darin: A singer’s singer without a doubt but his film career is often neglected for praise. In Part 2 of my 2003 Filmfax article I attempted to recitfy the situation. Being a fan since childhood, it was a fun subject for me to write about.
So much so, that shortly after the article came out, I lucked into free passes to a sneak peek of Kevin Spacey’s biopic, Beyond the Sea, in which Spacey was in attendance for a brief Q&A. Also in attendance was Bobby Darin’s manager, Steve Blauner (John Goodman in the film). I approached Blauner and personally thanked him for Bobby Darin’s career. He gave me a stern look and said, “I’m not responsible for Boby Darin’s career. Bobby Darin’s talent was.”
When it came time for the Q&A, Spacey was friendly and affable to all in attendance. He regaled the audience with how came to love Bobby Darin longer after he had passed on via his aunt’s record collection. I spoke with him briefly and told him I became a fan in a similar vein, ever since my childhood friend Ty Elliott and I raided his mother’s record collection and discovered Darin’s music in the very early 70s. I mentioned that Darin was still very much alive at the time and his variety show was a wonderful venue for his talent. Being the actor that he is, Spacey looked at me in mock anger and said, “You son-of-a-bitch!” The audience roared and I joined them. I had no problem being the brunt of his joke for the sake of Bobby Darin!
Speaking of which, below is Part 2 of my article but Lee Marvin fans fear not. More material supplementing Lee Marvin: Point Blank will return shortly. Thank you for your indulgence thus far. Enjoy!







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