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Not all the men’s magazines of the 60s and 70s that often featured Lee Marvin were of the ‘girlie’ variety. There were some that have recently been enjoying a resurgence and are often categorized under the genre of ‘sweats.’ These quickie monthly mags integrated pulp art & fiction more so with the occasional pictorial as the reader will see below. This one, True Action from March, 1968, didn’t even mention Marvin on the cover…. but then again, why should it? The cover art alone is what sold it off the newsstand, with plenty of action and promiscuity teasing on the outside and fulfilling the tease on the inside.


Cover of True Action, March 1968.

Personally, I like the piece of fiction entitled HOT TEASE FOR THE CHAMP with the grabbing subheadline that read, “She had sneered at Melli and called him a ‘cave man.’ Now his powerful hands were on her, searching, stroking, and all she could moan was ‘More, Johnny, more….'”
Ahem. Aaaaanyway, the profile of Marvin consisted of over-the-top adjectives in between quotes culled from other and uncited sources. They were of course included in Lee Marvin: Point Blank from the original and cited sources, but for the benefit of the blog, here’s the the 2-page layout that was the opening of the article. Rock-fisted? Enjoy……


First page of a March ’68 issue of TRUE ACTION featuring Lee Marvin.



Facing page of True Action’s Lee Marvin profile.

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