Admiral Farragut Naval Academy
Lee Marvin
often bragged that he was kicked out of dozens of schools when he was growing up. The number is probably an exaggeration but it was an impressive amount, nevertheless. Below is an extremely rare photo of the very young Lee Marvin (most likely a gangly 14 or 15 year-old at the time) during his short stint at the Admiral Farragut Naval Academy in Toms River, New Jersey. Marvin’s feelings about the school can be seen as writ large on his face, even though the blown up image is somewhat blurred. The picture was taken in the brutal New Jersey winter by a fellow classmate for which Lee would then return the favor so both boys would have a picture to send home to their parents. Most likely the camera was a present to do just that.

The institution still exists and chances are the current administration may not even be aware of the future WWII-era Marine and Oscar-winner having been in their midst. There’s also a good reason why as explained in Lee Marvin: Point Blank. He did keep the uniform, though….

Admiral Farragut Naval Academy

A reluctant Lee Marvin in uniform in military school in New Jersey.

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