Films of 1982
The best films of 1982 on this blog? Well, long before I even thought of writing NY Times Bestseller, Lee Marvin Point Blank, I was lucky enough to land a freelance gig on a local paper (thanks to a grade school friend of mine) that allowed me to write film reviews on a regular basis. Amazingly, without any formal training or education, my reviews were popular enough to warrant an end of the year “Best Of” article, resulting in the piece you can read below.
It was a strange existence. My part-time job paying my bills was as a union housekeeper at Kaiser Hospital in Downey, Calif. So, and this is no exaggeration, I led a superhero’s existence for a few years. By day I was scrubbing toilets and by night I was attending film previews with the likes of Jack Nicholson and Timothy Hutton. Ya just can’t make this stuff up!
The reviews were popular enough to be syndicated through the company’s several local papers (the company was called SCCN: Southern Calif. Community Newspapers), which included my own city, of Cerritos. Unfortunately, it did not prove popular enough to sustain my employment when I new managing editor was hired requiring all employees to have a degree in journalism. I was sent back to scrubbing toilets…full-time.
What both amazes and amuses me as I reread what I wrote so many years ago, is how cock sure I was in my opinion, without anything to really back up said opinion. Ahh, youth. It might be worth noting that my pugnacious aside, what I wrote in reference to the films below I think still holds true. Oh, and if it matters, I did eventually get to see E.T. still wasn’t all that impressed….
-Dwayne Epstein

This young punk’s take on the Best Films of 1982 as published and syndicated in SCCN.

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