Dads & Grads are the popular subjects of special attention the month of June.  Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th this year and Graduation Day of course occurs all month long. Since my book, Lee Marvin Point Blank has been available since 20013, imagine my pleasant surprise when my publisher,Tim Schaffner of Schaffner Press sent this promo in the newsletter for Dads & Grads: 

Dads & Grads promo via the Schaffner Press newsletter.

No one was more pleasantly surprised than yours truly when opening my e-mail this morning. Unsolicited promos and endorsement are always the best kind and this one is no different. My only gripe, and it’s a minor one, is the phrase stating that Lee Marvin abhorred violence. Rather surprising as that certainly wasn’t the case based on my research. I suggest reading the book and draw your own conclusion as to whether Lee Marvin abhorred violence.
   So, go ahead and feel free to treat yourself, family member or friend to Lee Marvin Point Blank.  Even after all this time it is still very much available in Trade Paperback and Kindle.  The Amazon discount makes it worthwhile and does not effect my royalty. Happy Father’s Day one and all and all the best to graduates everywhere.
– Dwayne Epstein.


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Amazon’s Kindle of Lee Marvin Point Blank, an Amazon product, had been persona non grata on their website as I had noted previously. Well, as I also noted in the same blog entry, I’d let you know when it returns. I can now state with a certain level of relief, it’s back! 

Screen grab image of Amazon’s Kindle of LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK.

With less relief, I can also state that it’s rather buried on a page that is not part of the book’s full listing but separately, which is elsewhere. Took me a while to find this out. Very disappointing, I must say. Why did this happen? Well, according to my publisher Tim Schaffner’s fairly recent e-mail:
“I have some great news to share with you concerning our press and recent developments that have taken place. As of Friday, January 6th, we are no longer  distributed by Independent Publishers Group, and are now officially with a new distributor, Baker & Taylor Publisher Services, whose warehouse and operational center are in Ashland, Ohio, and executive corporate offices are in Chicago. Their CEO is Mark Suchomel, who had originally signed Schaffner Press with IPG in 2006. So, after fifteen years with IPG, it seems apt that we have moved to a new distributor with him and some other familiar faces to welcome us as well. Further, we are in good company with the likes of McSweeney’s and Toronto-based ECW among the list of fellow literary publisher clients. While this move may not immediately affect your title or titles in terms of distribution and sales, B&TPS provides a dedicated full-time sales force, both domestically and internationally, that I believe will be a boon to our continued success  in the coming years. Furthermore,  their connection to their parent company, Baker & Taylor, will allow us to use their vast resources and connections with independent booksellers and libraries throughout the country and the world.”
   I had no idea how to find said Kindle but came across it by chance, which probably explains the lackluster sales numbers seen below.

Kindle sales rank on Amazon as of March, 2022.

That can change of course, if you click here. Oh, and the paperback is still very much available, as well.
 So, do yourself a favor. Turn off the depressing news about the Ukraine invasion, pandemic news, and other depressing offerings and download a good book. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
– Dwayne Epstein

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Mike Perry & Wendy White are two movie buffs I’ve encountered via social media. Although I doubt they know each other one thing is for certain: they both very much appreciate the life & career of Lee Marvin. In fact, each of them contacted me seperately to express their appreciation of my work on Lee Mavin Point Blank and to ask if they could blog about Lee Marvin on their respective websites. Canadian Mike conducted a Q&A with yours truly, while Pittsburgh’s Wendy constructed a rather impressive bio on Lee utilizing much of the  research I dug up while writing. Matter of fact, others on such social media sites as Facebook have taken it upon themselves to help promote my work, such as The Crime Film Club (see below).

Screenshot from Facebook’s Crime Film Club.

I find it quite comforting to know that even though my book came out 9 years ago, there are still folks like Mike Perry & Wendy White discovering it for the first time, reveling in it, and are willing to share it with their friends and family. Quite comforting indeed.
It reminds me of something my agent, the late Mike ‘The Mensch’ Hamilburg, said to publisher Tim Schaffner to help convince him to publish my book: “Lee Marvin fans will come out from behind the curtain and make the book a perennial.” It certainly helped that the video store in Tim’s neighborhood was having a Lee Marvin promo at the same time. Talk about the stars being aligned!
Well, as I said, Mike Perry & Wendy White wanted to share their appreciation for my work in celebration of what would have been Marvin’s 98th birthday and do so in grand style. So, without further ado, I give you Mike Perry’s Q&A and Wendy White’s blog entry. Enjoy! I know I did.
– Dwayne Epstein
P.S. Happy heavenly birthday, Lee!

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