In print since 1845, The Police Gazette is without question the great granddaddy of all men’s magazines. With that in mind it was ineveitable that the ubiquitous periodical would do a piece on Lee Marvin. It seems required by law that men’s magazines of every stripe would do one and the Gazette caught up with the trend in its June, 1975 issue.

June 1975 cover of Police Gazette featuring Lee Marvin.

June 1975 cover of Police Gazette featuring Lee Marvin.

Sadly, the powers-that-be decided the piece would be written by Donald Zec. Zec was a British gossip columnist who wrote the first biography on Marvin back in 1980 and his eye-wincing prose and factual misinformation was one of several factors that led me to write my own bio on the actor. The article below was probably from Zec’s initial research and the mistakes run the gamut from erroneous to forehead slappingly bad. Examples? Well, on the erroneous side THE LOSERS was not a movie but a TV show, the Woodstock toilet story is pure fiction, Lee’s first wife Betty was an artist NOT an art lecturer, etc.
On the other end of the spectrum of inaccuracies is the fact that Pam Marvin (née Feeley) was married FOUR times before she wed Lee, and they were NOT high school sweethearts, Michele Triola was hardly a redhead nor was she a popular singer. The most glaring of all? The story of Triola & Marvin’s meeting was not the cute anecdote they both recount below. Their actual first encounter, as described to this author by several sources, was of a much different nature. You’ll have to read Lee Marvin: Point Blank to find that out but in the mean time, relish poor Mr Zec’s attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor and purple prose below…..

Police Gazette, page 1

Police Gazette, page 1










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