Marshall Terrill, fellow biographer of film, music, and sports personalities, has unleashed his latest, and in my opinion, greatest work on the life and legacy of Steve McQueen. It’s a coffee table book that clocks in at over 500 pages, weighs over five pounds and is titled, aptly enough, Steve McQueen: In His Own Words. It is indeed exactly what the title states but it’s also infinitely more. Hundreds of rare color and black and white photos celebrates the man, films, passions and legacy of McQueen. 

Publisher’s description of Marshall Terrill’s new book.

 Why is a Lee Marvin website dedicating a blog entry to a Steve McQueen tome? Well, as any reader of this blog can tell you, Marshall was the reason I came to write Lee Marvin Point Blank and I’m simply returning the favor…kinda. 
I had indeed previously explained how I came to write about Lee Marvin via a conversation with Marshall Terrill. Interested parties can read about that here.

Marshall’s inscription to me that he recently sent to me. Typical of our relationship.

   That aside, I had long been a Steve McQueen fan since seeing Papillon in the theaters and then fortuitously seeing The Great Escape on TV later that same night. Talk about timing! The thing is, sometimes an actor is more than just appreciated. Sometimes, for reasons that are too personal to go into, an actor speaks to an audience member on a most personal and influential level that speaks volumes. Such was the effect McQueen had on me. 
   That said, Marshall Terrill has captured that essence in his book. It is fan’s tribute to be sure as you won’t find mention of the actor’s substance abuse, mistreatment of women or other unsavory aspects of the man that has come since his passing. Those are other books, not this one. So, if you’re a fan, by all means check out Steve McQueen: In His Own Words by Marshall Terrill. If you want to know more about him and what the lasting legacy is all about, this is worth it. Yeah, it’s not cheap but it’s definitely worth it. As Steve Allen once aptly said to me, “A book may cost more than a bottle of booze but lasts much longer.” I couldn’t agree more and Marshall’s book is proof.
– Dwayne Epstein

Back dust cover of Marshall’s book.

Inside front endpage.

Inside back endpage. Want to see more? Then get STEVE McQUEEN: IN HIS OWN WORDS.

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