Researching and writing Lee Marvin Point Blank yielded unlimited surprises, not the least of which was the fact that the man rarely fell into a particular stereotype or cliche of what I thought a person of his character would say or do. Case in point: Below are 2 images of Lee on skates from the glossy tabloid People Magazine that was published not long after the palimony suit…..
NY SKATEThe accompanying text for the above July, 1980 image read: “In Manhattan on business, Lee Marvin attended a private party at the Roxy Roller Disco and was so taken by the craze that he stayed on wheels for almost four hours. By the time he left, Marvin had made up his mind that a rollerskating party was just the thing to enliven the premiere of his new World War II movie, The Big Red One. What Lee enjoyed most, perhaps, was the sensation of being taken for a ride without benefit of Marvin Mitchelson.”

A few months later, in October of the same year, People ran a full profile of Marvin with this image:
AZ SKATEThe capton read: “Always physical, veteran actor Lee Marvin adapts to the latest craze with the same laconic ease he shows in his current World War II epic, The Big Red One.”

Just goes to show, one can never assume.

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