Fighting On Film is a podcast out of the U.K. Being the author of Lee Marvin Point Blank the gentlemen who host it recently invited yours truly as a guest to talk about The Dirty Dozen (1967).

Rather fortuitous timing as it allowed me to mention the recent announcement of my latest project: Killing Generals: The Making of The Dirty Dozen
   The podcast is hosted by two gentlemen who really know their stuff when it comes to both WWII history and the weapons used to fight it. As a matter of fact, their knowledge of the weapons and vehicles used in the film enhanced my knowledge! 

FIGHTING ON FILM host, Robbie McGuire.

FIGHTING ON FILM co-host, Matthew Moss.

The gentlemen got in contact with me through my Lee Marvin Point Blank publisher, Tim Schaffner who in turn put me in touch with them. Naturally we were both thrilled by the invite in an effort to continue to spread the word to a new audience about both Lee Marvin and The Dirty Dozen. 
I certainly enjoyed the experience of speaking with them and look forward to a possible return visit for my next project. 
So, with that in mind, I give you the ‘Fighting on Film’ podcast with your hosts, Robbie McGuire and Matthew Moss available for your listening pleasure at this link. Enjoy and happy holidays!

– Dwayne Epstein


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