August 2022 on TCM is another month of “Summer Under the Stars” as they do every August. Although Lee Marvin is not featured, they did manage to schedule a couple of Lee Marvin films in tribute to other stars. Not that some of TCM’s choices are not personal favorites of yours truly that are new to the program, as well as new ones that are also favorites. I’ve always been a fan of the likes of Gene Kelly, Marlon Brando, Ruth Roman, Sidney Poitier, even some of Raquel Welch’s films.
   However, since this blog is dedicated to the life, work and legacy of Lee Marvin, here the films of his that are also airing. All times PST…

The Wild One (1953): Saturday, August 13th, 7:15 pm:

Marlon Brando (far left) as Johnny and Lee Marvin as Chino in the world’s 1st biker movie, THE WILD ONE, with the amazingly bizarre Tim Carey over Marvin’s shoulder.

It isn’t easy stealing a film from a young Marlon Brando, but if anybody can do it, Lee Marvin can. Readers of Lee Marvin Point Blank are aware of how the two actors got along as I was fortunate enough to interview Marvin’s wife Betty Marvin, as well as producer Stanley Kramer about the film and the exclusive stories stories they told me are incredible! 

I Died a Thousand Times (1955): Thursday, August 18th, 10:15 am: 

Ad art for I DIED A THOUSAND TIMES featuring a cowering Lee Marvin.

Jack Palance took a shot at leading man status following his Oscar nomination for Shane (1953) with this remake of Humphrey Bogart’s High Sierra (1941). The CinemaScope color is great, and the cast is excellent, including Lee Marvin as one of Palance’s henchmen, and Shelley Winters is a standout as Palance’s moll. Over all, the film is rather lackluster but still worth watching. A previous blog entry describes Shelley Winters’ thoughts on the film and Lee Marvin. 

Ship of Fools (1965): Friday, August, 26th, 12:00 pm:  

Original ad for Ship of Fools with critics praising the individual performances.

Stanley Kramer’s expansive all-star production boasted some great performances, despite its occasional foray into soap opera territory. Most notable is Lee Marvin as a washed up big leaguer in a performance many though would garner him an Oscar nomination. Surprisingly, he was nominated  (and won!) for Cat Ballou, released the same year. Interesting factoid, look for a young Michele Triola in the dining room scenes as she was an extra and stand-in on the film in which she met Lee Marvin.

So, there you have the Lee Marvin entries for August 2022 on TCM. Nice cross-section of some of his career and hopefully, he’ll be the subject of next year’s all day star tribute. Better yet, isn’t he due to be “Star of the Month” again? We shall see….
– Dwayne Epstein


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