Cyber Monday is December 2nd and in the spirit of such blatant internet promotion allow me to join the passing parade of shameless self-indulgence with the inclusion of Lee Marvin Point Blank. Yeah, I know the book came out more than six years ago, but it is still very much in print, in demand, and worthy of discovery by those who have yet to purchase it. Why is that you ask? Well, for one thing, as my publisher pointed out, it’s a perennial, not bound by fads or current events that fade in short order. For another, it’s available in several formats, each with its own appeal.

Released January, 2013, the above image is from the hardcover edition of LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK, still very much available.


First up is the hardcover. It remains the first definitive account of the life, work and legacy of one of the most important actors of the second half of the twentieth century. I spent nearly 20 years researching it and the result is 100 exclusive interviews of friends, family and co-workers, many rare never-before-seen photos, letters recounting his harrowing time in WWII and much, much more.  Within a year, the book was also anointed with several awards, such as winning the Bronze in Biography from the Independent Publisher Book Awards (“Ippy”) and being a finalist in Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards. Not bad for a first-time author, right?




Not long after the release of the hardcover, the Kindle became available via Amazon and the result was quite surprising. An enterprising publicist at the distributor, IPG (Independent Publishing Group), hustled the hell out of the e-book which ultimately made the top five on the coveted  New York Times Bestseller List, as well as the Wall Street Journal and Publisher’s Weekly.

One of the Kindle’s opening images, which was a NY Times best seller.

The following year, my publisher, Tim Schaffner of Schaffner Press, decided to up the ante with the publication of the paperback. He requested that I add some new material to the project….

Paperback cover with sunburst declaration of added material, as well as the medallion sticker awarding the Bronze in Biography.

Table of Contents listing the added data compiled by yours truly for the paperback version.

I was of course pleasantly surprised not only by how well it turned out but also by the addition of several pages consisting of positive feedback from prominent individuals, such as fellow biographers Marshall Terrill (STEVE MCQUEEN: PORTRAIT OF A REBEL), Bill Krohn (HITCHCOCK AT WORK), Stefan Kanfer ( BOGART: TOUGH WITHOUT A GUN), Frank Thompson (NOTHING SACRED: THE CINEMA OF WILLIAM WELLMAN) and others.  Who could ask for more? Talk about an embarrassment of riches.
So, there you have it. My pitch to put LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK on your Cyber Monday holiday shopping list. I realize that regular readers of this blog, (if there are any) may have read this all before but since the key to good promotion is “Tell them what you know, tell them again and then tell them what you told them,” I leave it to one and all to make up their own minds….so what are you waiting for? Do you part for Cyber Monday and get your copy now.
– Dwayne Epstein

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Best Seller Lists
For Sgt. Pepper it may have been 20 years ago but for yours truly it was a scant year ago today that I recieved the following e-mail from my publisher about Lee Marvin Point Blank’s latest sales ranking..
Check this out, from an old friend in publishing.  And what fantastic news he
brings!!! Congratulations, Mr. NYTimes ebook bestseller!!!!
The result were these amazing images that still boggles my mind. First, number 4 on the E-Book list. The daughter of my best friend joked, “Your book would’ve ranked higher if that little bastard hadn’t died.” Don’t be offended as she wasn’t referring to Maya Angelou but the subject matter of Heaven Is For Real….

Then, there was also the combined best seller lists of E-Book and Print Non-fiction. Check out Number 16…

Combined NY Times Bestseller List of E-Book and Hardcover Non-fiction

Combined NY Times Best seller List of E-Book and Hardcover Non-fiction

And if that were not enough, there’s these images from the esteemed industry journal, Publisher’s Weekly. Check out number 10 in the Biography best seller list…..
Well, if that’s kind of hard to see, here’s a close-up…..

And the cherry on the sundae was this best seller list…..
Scrolling down this mammoth best seller list one discovers number 3 in NONFICTION E-BOOKS …

And if that were not enough, my publisher decided on advertising the book with this permanent footer banner. Ahh, life is good!

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