This being the traditional beginning of the school year, I thought it appropriate to touch on Lee Marvin’s rollercoaster education. He often boasted in interviews of being kicked out of dozens of both public and private schools in his formative years. However, the truth is that the number was a lot less than that. The schools he did attend for any length of time are all documented in detail for the first time in Lee Marvin: Point Blank, with one example being the experimental upstate New York School called Manumit. If he had his choice, however, Marvin would have preferred a different pursuit, one in which he occassionally skipped school to pursue….















He would indulge his love of fishing and the outdoors in various degrees throughout his life. However, in his youth, come the autumn semester, boarding school called. His father Monte sought to enroll him at Manumit in Pawling, New York, based on discussions with its staff members and the brochure….


The brochure boasted of its new way of doing things with free-minded students but also included this on the back cover….


And so in 1936, 13 year-old Lee Marvin was enrolled, and wore the required outfit of the school…..


It was the school’s educational director, William Mann Fincke, who wrote the assement of Marvin’s stay at Manumit. A summary appears in the pages of Lee Marvin: Point Blank but here now, for the first time, is the full assesement.






Mr. Fincke’s attempt to end on an optimistic note ended with the above note. Readers of Lee Marvin: Point Blank know what happened not long after this report was written (pp. 22-24). The progressive school had never encountered the likes of Lee Marvin. The young hellion was indeed kicked out of school but not before he exposed their hypcorisy for what it was. The worst part for Marvin was having to face the wrath of his father, yet again. WHat lay ahead….well, that’s one of the reasons I wrote the book.

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