Norman Gunston, a rather strange TV personality from Australia’s down under TV, used to interview celebrities the way Mike Wallace used to do with crooks on “60 Minutes.” The difference is Gunston used to do for a laugh and was often very funny. I’d watch clips of him on “Night Flight,” which is where I saw this clip of him talking to Lee Marvin. 

(L-R) Lee Marvin, unknown, Pam Marvin & Norman Gunston.

Imagine my surprise when I came across this recently on YouTube. It genuinely too m back to the nights of staying up late after a night out, channel surfing and finding a gem like this.
    Actually, this isn’t the first time Norman Gunston interviewed Marvin. Since the actor frequently traveled to Australia for the deep sea fishing, Gunston had previously interviewed him at the airport, which is why they seem so cordial here. 
   By the way, not every celebrity shanghaied by Gunston were as easy going about it as Marvin was. Often times they’d get downright nasty with the combed over hair and toilet papered face. As far as I’m concerned that just made the interview that much funnier and he deals with it well. One would think that catching Marvin in the halls of justice during a break during the 1979 palimony case would set the actor off in a darker mood. Not so, with Lee Marvin. He handless Gunston like a pro and takes it all stride. 
   Speaking of the palimony suit, most people think Marvin lost the case against Michele Triola but as detailed in Lee Marvin Point Blank, his lawyer, David Kagon, sets the record straight once and for all. 
   So, with further ado, I give you this brief interlude between Lee Marvin and Norman Gunston. Enjoy and happy Father’s Day, one and all.
– Dwayne Epstein

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Point/Counterpoint, a periodic sketch that was part of Saturday Night Live’s regular news parody, Weekend Update, was always a favorite for me and my friends. The idea was a satire on an actual segment of the perennial Sunday night CBS news show, “60 Minutes.”  Liberal journalist Shana Alexander would debate conservative journalist James Kilpatrick on a given hot topic subject of the day. In the late 1970s, one of the hottest was the raging palimony suit making daily headlines in newspapers all over country.

Fragments from news services depicting the daily occurrences in court during the infamous Marvin v. Marvin palimony suit.

I don’t know if Alexander and Kilpatrick ever tackled the subject but if they did, as much as they sniped at each other, it was playful compared to the version on Saturday Night Live. Jane Curtin’s opening salvo was snarky but falls flat compared to what her on air rival Dan Ackroyd opens with. I believe it was the first time on Point/Counterpoint that Akroyd used his now infamous opener: “Jane, you ignorant slut!”
The roar from the live audience was deafening. However, it could not compare to the reaction from myself and other teenage boys watching in a buddy’s living room. Seriously. The hoots, howls, catcalls and foot stomping must have woke the neighbors that long ago Saturday night. So much so, it was hard to hear the rest of Ackroyd’s dialogue that came so fast and furious we couldn’t keep up. Thankfully, with repeated viewings, I’ve heard it many times and it sill amazes me the way words and phrases like “dried out slunk meat,” and “rapacious swamp cow,” just tumbled so quickly and viciously out of his mouth. Didn’t matter if he was wrong or right on the subject. The imagery he created boggles the mind.
Saturday Night Live is about to premiere its 45th season in a few weeks and despite its decades of controversy (some ongoing) it would be real tough to beat this gem from the 1979 season. So, with that in mind, re-enjoy Point/Counterpoint…if you dare!
Oh, and if you want to know the REAL outcome of the controversial trial, never mind other versions. Check out Lee Marvin Point Blank. The documented facts will amaze you. Read it….if you dare!
– Dwayne Epstein

Jane Curtin & Dan Aykroyd confront each other on SNL’S Point/Counterpoint.


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Lee Marvin Archives? Yes, Lee Marvin archives. I recently completed archiving ALL of my exclusive Lee Marvin research material that I used for Lee Marvin Point Blank by scanning and putting it on CD. The eight full volumes of binders were organized chronologically and consists of at least a 100 pages in each volume. It was pretty labor intensive as it took me over a month and was well over a 1,000 pages in total! I did manage to get everything on one CD, though. It is a true must-have for any Lee Marvin fan  as I can guarantee you’ll discover things not seen anywhere else. ANYONE INTERESTED IN A COPY CAN CONTACT ME HERE OR VIA FACEBOOK. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!
The computer folders breakdown like this, with samples below…

1. Ancestry & Parents, 78 pages: Family details dating back to the 17th century,

Monte Marvin, Lee Marvin’s father, being interviewed in the paper on the death of his beloved uncle, Ross Marvin.

including verified info on Lee’s great uncle Ross Marvin’s actual cause of death and his father Monte Marvin’s childhood reaction!

2. Childhood & Life thru 1965, over 200 pages: This volume is the thickest as I was not planning on doing more than one volume. Consequently, I squeezed in everything I discovered from his early life, all the way up to and including his massive success by 1965.

Extremely rare first page of 3-page detailed account of Lee Marvin’s time at the experimental Manumit School in upstate New York.

It covers and documents his childhood, school years, war years, postwar years, early stage work, early film work, ascent to stardom and his full-fledged stardom by the mid-1960s.

3. Films & Life, 1966-1970, over 190 pages: Emphasis on Marvin’s films from this period includes

A profile of Marvin after winning the Oscar in the local Florida paper near where he went to school.

interviews and profiles in every major magazine at the time, from Playboy to Coronet, and every periodical in between, large or small, and many no longer in print or available online.

4. Life & Films,1971-1975, 104 pages: Extensive coverage of the films he made via

A sample of some of the exclusives in volume 4 is this cover story from the now log defunct “World” Magazine.

various articles, interviews and foreign periodicals, many of which no longer exist.
5. Palimony & More, 1976-1979, 136 pages: THE water cooler conversation of the late

One of the many articles involving the palimony suit included the effect of this Jimmy Breslin interview that nearly brought Marvin up on perjury charges.

70s was the infamous palimony suit Marvin was involved in. Here are all the daily rundowns of the court proceedings as well the actual legal impact the case had. By the way, it did NOT turn out the way most people think it did.
6. Late Life Interviews1980-1986, 125 pages: The old warhorse worked less in his

One of the many late life interviews Marvin gave includes this cover story for Parade magazine.

later years but did give many fascinating interviews in which he whimsically looked back on his life and work.
7. Obituary & Legacy1987-1999, 114 pages: Complete coverage of his passing in

One of the many articles in tribute to Marvin includes this rarity on his motorcycle days with Keenan Wynn.

August, 1987, as well as his legacy among friends and coworkers.

8. Growing Cult Status2000-2012, 119 pages: Since his passing in 1987, and his

The Loft Theater in Tucson showing its tribute to Lee Marvin.

growing cult status ever since,  Lee Marvin is remembered through a variety of sources, from a small repertory movie theater in Tucson to Film Comment and MTV!!!

Feel free to contact me here for my information if needed, or to arrange payment via PayPal. You won’t be disappointed!
_ Dwayne Epstein

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