When you write a work of non-fiction, it’s a nice cherry on the sundae when you discover other authors have referenced/mentioned your work in their projects. I’ve recently discovered that such is the case of Lee Marvin Point Blank in a couple of other books. One book mentioned my work in the bibliography while another does the same in the main body of its text.
First, the bibliographic reference. Back in 2006, Bear Manor Media published a pretty comprehensive book all about Charles Bronson and the Death Wish franchise entitled Bronson’s Loose. The author, Paul Talbot, must have had some extra material he wanted to utilize as he convinced the publisher to put forth Bronson’s Loose Again in 2015.

Publisher Bear Manor Media’s follow-up title to Bronson’s Loose by Paul Talbot.

There are indeed some engaging stories in the book and a a lot of research clearly went into it. Strangely, however, since it concerns Bronson’s starring roles in non-Death Wish films, it doesn’t go into the likes of his well-received European films (Once Upon a Time in the West, Rider on the Rain, etc.) that helped established his superstar status, nor such films as Chato’s Land, Telefon, White Buffalo and most importantly, Death Hunt. Makes me wonder why this was even included as there’s no mention of my work anywhere in the book…..

Bibliography for Bronson’s Loose Again!. Check the third entry from the bottom.

Being referenced/mentioned in other work may be its own reward but context certainly helps.
Here, in a more recent example entitled Opening Wednesday at a Theater or Drive-in Near You: The Shadow Cinema of the American 70s, context and reason exist and makes total sense in terms of referenced/mentioned.

Simon & Schuster’s recently published Opening Wednesday at a Theater or Drive-in Near You by Charles Taylor.

A rather clunky title for a great idea for a book, one I wish I would have thought of pitching. The great mainstream drive-in fodder of 1970s films is the theme and one of my favorite periods of American filmmaking. A friend recently brought to my attention one particular passage that was forwarded to me.

In the middle of the 2nd paragraph is my mention in Opening Wednesday….

I haven’t read the book yet myself and look forward to doing so. In the mean time, anybody out there know of any other references to my work, feel free to chime in and let me know about it. Until then, I remain…
-Dwayne Epstein

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