Having just passed a major milestone of a birthday, I decided to take a little sentimental journey. In other words, I wen through my writing archives and rediscovered something intriguing. Many years ago, back in the 1990s, I was on staff at a local newspaper in southern California and made friends with another writer named Brian Chee. The paper went under the banner Southern Calif. Community New, or SCCN for short.
The two of us were young and arrogant enough to believe that we were the best writers on staff and should therefore write something together. Since we had both worked in restaurants in the past, we traded horror stories and thought we’d collaborate on a book together. That idea faded into memory.
Instead — and I’m pretty sure it was his idea — together we dreamed up a little editorial pamphlet entitled, FREESPEAK. The idea was to write contemporary pieces of our choosing involving politics, pop culture or whatever suited our fancy. I remember one piece I wrote in which I publicly implored whatever readers were out there to help push Mario Cuomo to run for the White House. Oy, the arrogance.
The project only lasted a few months but I recently came across all three issues, which were put together on Brian’s home computer, at the time. Below are the running columns I did during the salad days of home video players. My arrogance ran amok as I thought it was important to remind folks about films that may not be popular at their local rental houses, but still worthy of rediscovery. Glad to see I even picked a Lee Marvin movie in the process. Who knew decades later I’d be the award-winning NY Times bestselling author of Lee Marvin Point Blank? I know I didn’t! So, here again in full arrogance is my idea of “Forgotten Movies to Remember.” Don’t forget to click to enlarge.
– Dwayne Epstein

FREESPEAK, February 1992.

Freespeak, April, 1992


FREESPEAK, at the end.

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Happy holidaze from Lee Marvin Point Blank. Why happy holidaze instead of happy holidays? A couple of reasons. First, it’s been an insane year for all of us, from mass shootings becoming commonplace with no end in sight, to the impeachment of Donald Trump and the ongoing saber-rattling of Korea’s Kim Jong-un! Climate change has appeared to be gaining momentum (Australia’s catastrophic fires, anyone?) and the most powerful nation in the world has leaders who don’t even think it exists.
I could go on, of course but what would be the point? I’m not an innate pessimist, nor for that matter am I Pollyanna. Let’s just say I’m a cock-eyed pragmatist and with that mind, I say happy holidaze and enjoy it with a satisfying look back at what was and a heartwarming hope for what will be. As to the look back, try this…..

My publisher’s Xmas tree a few years back. Not familiar with all the titles but the one down front looks nice, don’t ya think?

To the future? My idea would be the same. In other words, check out Lee Marvin: Point Blank in 2020 if you haven’t done so already.
Planning on doing any traveling this holiday or new year? Might I suggest the most perfect travel companion?

TSA would let you pass through with this unbeatable combination for any national or international flights.

So, whether you celebrate Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, or even Festivus, do it in style. Send the gift of a nearly 5-star rated, multiple award winning, NY Times bestselling film biography to a loved one or for yourself as a special treat. You won’t be disappointed. Until then, I’ll share more next year, and don’t forget, the most important message of all is of course the most obvious and hardest to achieve. …..

‘Nuff said. 

  • Dwayne Epstein
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Still looking for the perfect, last-minute Father’s Day gift for this Sunday, June 17th? Well, look no further as LEE MARVIN: POINT BLANK  might be just the thing! For those who may have already purchased it, then you know all about it. A copy for any dad who’s a fan would fit the bill and if he’s not a fan, he jus may become one after reading it.
If you didn’t already know, it’s  the winner of the Bronze in Biography at the 2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards(IPPY), a finalist in Forewod Magazine’s Book of the Year contest, a NY Times & Wall Street Journal top ten best seller and, according to Time Magazine’s Stefan Kanfer, it’s “Unforgettable… a surprisingly intelligent and heroic figure springs from the page… Epstein looks at a complicated figure and presents him in a full-length, three-way mirror. And it is absolutely impossible to look away.”
Amazon’s website offers next day shipping AND gift wrapping! It’s available in three separate formats. First, as a collectible hardcover…..

My personal copy of the hardcover dust jacket forLee Marvin Point Blank (note the bronze medallion for winning the IPPY award), that is going to be quite collectible as it’s almost out of print!

Without the dust jacket, Lee Marvin Point Blank has this really impressive image engraved on it!

It’s also available in trade paperback with extra material added as shown in the starburst added for extra incentive….

Trade paperback cover of Lee Marvin Point Blank that’s identifiable by the Leonard Maltin quote and added star burst.

Lee Marvin Point Blank’s  paperback table of contents that delineates the exclusive extras.

If your father is fairly tech savvy, then you should know that Lee Marvin Point Blank is also available as an e-book in various incarnations. The most popular has proven to be Amazon’s Kindle. In fact, in June 2014, it made the NY Times bestseller list at number four! Pretty cool, huh? It’s described below as….

Screen shot of Amazon’s Kindle description of Lee Marvin Point Blank.

So, all that said, what are you waiting for? Reduced pricing, great extras, free shipping and gift wrapping, all add up to make Lee Marvin Point Blank the perfect Father’s Day gift. You’re welcome.
– Dwayne Epstein

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