Norman Gunston, a rather strange TV personality from Australia’s down under TV, used to interview celebrities the way Mike Wallace used to do with crooks on “60 Minutes.” The difference is Gunston used to do for a laugh and was often very funny. I’d watch clips of him on “Night Flight,” which is where I saw this clip of him talking to Lee Marvin. 

(L-R) Lee Marvin, unknown, Pam Marvin & Norman Gunston.

Imagine my surprise when I came across this recently on YouTube. It genuinely too m back to the nights of staying up late after a night out, channel surfing and finding a gem like this.
    Actually, this isn’t the first time Norman Gunston interviewed Marvin. Since the actor frequently traveled to Australia for the deep sea fishing, Gunston had previously interviewed him at the airport, which is why they seem so cordial here. 
   By the way, not every celebrity shanghaied by Gunston were as easy going about it as Marvin was. Often times they’d get downright nasty with the combed over hair and toilet papered face. As far as I’m concerned that just made the interview that much funnier and he deals with it well. One would think that catching Marvin in the halls of justice during a break during the 1979 palimony case would set the actor off in a darker mood. Not so, with Lee Marvin. He handless Gunston like a pro and takes it all stride. 
   Speaking of the palimony suit, most people think Marvin lost the case against Michele Triola but as detailed in Lee Marvin Point Blank, his lawyer, David Kagon, sets the record straight once and for all. 
   So, with further ado, I give you this brief interlude between Lee Marvin and Norman Gunston. Enjoy and happy Father’s Day, one and all.
– Dwayne Epstein

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