In researching and writing Lee Marvin Point Blank, it was mandatory that I deal with the relationship between Lee Marvin and his pariah, Michele Triola, whether I like it or not. In doing so, one comes across a pretty strange array of, shall we say, artifacts? I would check Ebay regularly (among other sources) for any rare or hard to find info on Lee and came across the above entitled items for sale. Naturally intrigued, I bid on and won it, but when I questioned the buyer of its origins, he was very mysteriously evasive. In other words, I have no idea if any of the images ever saw the light of day or even who the photographer was, for that matter. The contact sheet was undated so any time frame is purely conjecture. I’m pretty sure it was before she met Lee Marvin on the set of Ship of Fools in 1964. I’d venture a guess that the pictures were taken in the very late 50s or early 60s.

“Oh hi, Lee. Yes, I was just going to call you and…Oh hold on. I have Glenn Ford on the other line….”

Please forgive the attempted humor in the first caption. I just couldn’t help myself. Readers of Lee Marvin Point Blank will of course get the reference but others probably won’t. In that case, read the book to find out.
Which reminds me of something else I’d like to point out. Several reviewers stated that I was unduly and unnecessarily cruel in my assessment of Ms. Triola and to that I say they should have done the research that I did as that is where the assessment comes from. I didn’t get a chance to interview her, although I made several attempts to do so. Readers know the comments and stories concerning Michele Triola came directly from interviews I conducted with individuals with firsthand knowledge of her and her relationship with Lee. People such as Lee’s palimony lawyer, David Kagon, stuntman Tony Epper, business manager Ed Silver, and many others, all went on the record about her and I found it interesting that even though they may not have known each other, they all told similar ribald tales about her. Want to know what they were? Read the book. In the mean time, feel free to check out the contact sheets below….
– Dwayne Epstein

Contact sheet for unknown Men’s Magazine featuring Michele Triola.

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Mens Magazine
Not all the men’s magazines of the 60s and 70s that often featured Lee Marvin were of the ‘girlie’ variety. There were some that have recently been enjoying a resurgence and are often categorized under the genre of ‘sweats.’ These quickie monthly mags integrated pulp art & fiction more so with the occasional pictorial as the reader will see below. This one, True Action from March, 1968, didn’t even mention Marvin on the cover…. but then again, why should it? The cover art alone is what sold it off the newsstand, with plenty of action and promiscuity teasing on the outside and fulfilling the tease on the inside.


Cover of True Action, March 1968.

Personally, I like the piece of fiction entitled HOT TEASE FOR THE CHAMP with the grabbing subheadline that read, “She had sneered at Melli and called him a ‘cave man.’ Now his powerful hands were on her, searching, stroking, and all she could moan was ‘More, Johnny, more….'”
Ahem. Aaaaanyway, the profile of Marvin consisted of over-the-top adjectives in between quotes culled from other and uncited sources. They were of course included in Lee Marvin: Point Blank from the original and cited sources, but for the benefit of the blog, here’s the the 2-page layout that was the opening of the article. Rock-fisted? Enjoy……


First page of a March ’68 issue of TRUE ACTION featuring Lee Marvin.



Facing page of True Action’s Lee Marvin profile.

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