Memorial Day Tribute

For Memorial Day, which is just weeks away, I’ve chosen to scan and upload a photo page from one of the inserts highlighting Lee Marvin’s time in the USMC in the Pacific during WWII. It became such an important and defining part of his life that these rarely seen photos available for viewing in Lee Marvin Point Blank are posted to highlight the point.

It’s been the cliche to say a picture is worth a thousand words but cliches are often borne of truth and in this case the cliche applies. The images below speak volumes of Lee Marvin’s time in the Marines. For example: Check out the youthful (albeit drunken) look in Marvin’s eyes in the photo of him in the Jeep with his buddies stateside before shipping overseas. Comapre that image to the one below in which he shows some of the captured Japanese arms with fellow Marine Wade Rayborn. It’s not just the mustache. Marvin looks at least a decade older with the look in the eye of a man who’s seen and done a lifetime worth’s of war experience. However, in truth the photos are just months apart!

photo page

Photo page from Lee Marvin Point Blank

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