Los Angeles Times and Boston Herald Feature Lee Marvin Point Blank

Los Angeles Times & Boston Herald

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times editor Susan King, and the Boston Herald’s Stephen Schaefer, Lee Marvin’s life and career are getting well-deserved new lives and recognition with the release of the new definitive biography, “Lee Marvin: Point Blank” by yours truly, author Dwayne Epstein.

It only took almost two decades and more than a 100 interviews to bring the book to fruition, but who’s counting, right? To say nothing of the amount of publishers who turned it down, several different agents who felt the same, and the passage of time in which nothing was accomplished but work on the book I was never sure would see the lightof the day. Well, thanks to publisher Tim Schaffner and agent Mike Hamilburg, it finally has!

We’ve seen some great reviews this week in both The Times and the Boston Herald.  Click on the images to read the stories, and we’ll share more news soon!

I get the distinct impression that things are gonna breaking soon in a pretty big way. Well, maybe not big but at the very least, interestigly. Stay tuned!

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