The places and people Lee Marvin Point Blank   has been noticed never ceases to amaze me so I continue upon that theme. A favorite place is of course under the Christmas tree. Publisher Tim Schaffner did that with all of his publications at the time and you just gotta love the placement….

Lee Marvin Point Blank prominently displayed under the Schaffner Press Christmas tree.







Speaking of publisher Tim Schaffner and places and people, another nice place to find Lee Marvin Point Blank was in New York City, at the 2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards where he collected the bronze for our work.

Publisher Tim Schaffner being awarded the bronze in biography at New York’s 2013 ‘IPPY’ Awards.

That medallion he’s sporting is now draped proudly over my desk, by the way.

Oftentimes it’s not simply a matter of where you find Lee Marvin Point Blank, but with who. Take Annette Towler, for example. She thought it would be cool to share the book with a friend….

Annette Towler’s friend stands guard over her copy of LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK.









Turns out that Lee Marvin Point Blank’s presence is not content to remain in North America. A couple of friends of mine flew across the pond to “Merrie Olde you-know-where” and made pilgrimage to the British Film Institute (BFI). Look what they found properly displayed in the book store.

The BFI bookstore know how to display the best stuff.

Just goes to show you never can tell where and by whom you may find a copy of Lee Marvin Point Blank. So, with that in mind, if you have or know of any interesting places and people to be encountered displaying Lee Marvin Point Blank then by all means, share the wealth as I’m always interested in discovering who, what, when, where and how folks have enjoyed my work. Seriously. Oh, and keep it clean and I’ll more than likely post it here on the blog site. Until then, Happy travels!
– Dwayne Epstein

Don’t leave home without it.

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WINNERS OF 2013 INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER AWARDippy_bronzemedal_LRLee Marvin Point Blank won the Bronze in this year’s Independent Publisher Awards competition (“IPPY”). The presentation will be accepted by publisher Tim Schaffner during a ceremony in New York City. Click the link above for the whole story.

Addenda: Below is Schaffner Press publisher Tim Schaffner accepting the award on behalf of yours truly, Lee Marvin Point Blank author, Dwayne Epstein. Don’t worry, folks. I couldn’t make it to the awards in New York but he did indeed send it to me a week or two later. I doubt Mr. Knopf would have done that! Mr. Schaffner is a good Joe.

He also told me that after leaving the award presentation he spotted Robert Osborne walking down the street. I asked him if he thanked Osborne for mentioning our book on the air via Osborne’s hosting duties on TCM (see the photo and quote at the bottom of the ‘Reviews‘ page of this website). Tim told me he didn’t think it appropriate to do so. I told him he could have done it without wearing the medal. Ahh, well…..

Publisher Tim Schaffner accepting MY BRONZE MEDAL in NY's Independent Publisher's Award Ceremony last week for Lee Marvin: Point Blank. 6/5/13

Publisher Tim Schaffner accepting MY BRONZE MEDAL in NY’s Independent Publisher’s Award Ceremony last week for Lee Marvin: Point Blank. 6/5/13

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