Paint Your Wagon ‘Making Of’ Short

Paint Your Wagon poster

Original poster art for Paint Your Wagon.

Anybody remember those ‘Making Of’ shorts from films made in the 60s and 70s? No? Well allow me to elaborate…..
When I was kid watching a movie on network TV, I used to love it when a movie didn’t quite make it to 11 pm but ended closer to 10:45. That meant the network would fill the extra time with a ‘Making Of’ short of an upcoming feature film. Now, such things are easily viewed as DVD extras, or TCM time fillers. Or, as in this case, posted on YouTube. But back in the day, it proved a special treat and was one of the many reasons that inspired me to want to write Lee Marvin Point Blank. Not only do they capture rare behind-the-scene moments from films both good and bad, they are perfect little time capsules of a bygone era. Personally, I love all these little gems and think they should all be made accessible to the general public, but hey, that’s just me.
Check out this short (albeit aged) film behind the scenes of Paint Your Wagon, including rare footage of Lee Marvin rehearsing with costar Jean Seberg….

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