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He may not have been the best looking guy in the world, but Lee Marvin did grace many a magazine cover in his time, and even after! His un-matinee looks aside, there was something about him the camera did indeed like and below are several examples that not only chart the trajectory of his career, but his personal likes, his audience and his lasting appeal…..
When the New York Hearld-Tribune’s TV supplement ran a magazine cover story in 1958 on the amount of violence on television, they had on their front the likes of Darren McGavin in “Mike Hammer,” Ty Hardin in “Bronco,” Richard Boone in “Have Gun Will Travel” and Marvin in “M Squad.”


In fact, the success of “M Squad” was such, that even after it left the air and went into syndicated reruns, another newspaper TV supplement ran a magazine cover story on it and profiled its star in 1962….




In between films & TV appearances Marvin had time to indulge in one of his lifelong hobbies which naturally garnered the cover of an appropriate magazine….



He continued to be profiled between the covers of periodicals over the next few years as his popularity slowly gained momentum but only the NY Daily News Sunday edition chose to do a cover story on the actor. The year was 1966 and the print date was just hours before the Academy Awards in which Marvin surprised everybody…


By 1967 he was the number one male box office star in America making appearances in every major magazine in the country. When he made the magazine cover once again it was to promote his latest project already in theatres at the time.

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An alternate cover?
While Lee Marvin: Point Blank was in the final stages of production, several cover images were considered before settling on the one that was ultimately used. One that was considered early on is pictured below. It was taken during a hunting expedition Lee Marvin did for Gun World Magazine in the early 1960s.  Marvin wrote an article for Gun World about the expedition entitled The Dubious Dynamics of Dove Downing in which he elaborated on his technique, weapon of choice and a bit of history in hunting from his Florida days. There’s another story there to published at a later time that Lee loved to indulge in but was entirely fabricated!

The photo below didn’t make the fnal article, but although uncredited, it was recently brought to my attention that the wonderful photographs accompanying Lee’s article were taken by Richard Friske. It was Friske’s son Matthew who brought it to my attention and thank you for it, Matthew. According to Matthew, his father and Lee would go hunting and fishing in and around Tucson quite a bit.

Anybody want to guess as to why the image was was not used?
Alternat cover for LEE MARVIN: POINT BLANK not used in final version.

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