HIS NAME IS SAVAGE! Early Graphic Novel By Gil Kane

In 1967, the year Point Blank was released (to mixed reviews and initial lackluster business), a start-up graphic arts company thought it would help sell copies of its new adult, oversized, 40-page comic (HIS NAME IS SAVAGE!) by putting a likeness of Lee Marvin on the cover of its first issue. Savage it was named and savage it indeed was. The story and the character were both aptly named as it was shockingly violent for its time. The inside artwork paled in comparison to the cover, however.

A better use of Marvin’s likeness is on display in a more recent graphic novel entitled Digger written by Christopher Mills and drawn by Rick Burchett. Check it out as its HIGHLY recommended and the inside artwork is just as impressive as the covers.
As for His Name Is Savage!, they may have thought adding a scar over his eye on the cover image would toughen him up. They may have been right. We’ll never know, however as there was never a second issue. Cool cover, though, don’t you think? Love the use of color. Matter of fact, it was almost considered as the cover for Lee Marvin: Point Blank it was that cool looking….



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