Happy 96th birthday to Lee Marvin! Yes, it’s that time of year again as on this day in 1924 in New York City’s Booth Memorial Hospital Lee Marvin came into the world.
Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve written about his birthday in the past, such as back in 2016, 2017, etc. So with that in mind, I was rather hard pressed to find a new angle to write about it.
Readers of Lee Marvin Point Blank know the circumstances surrounding his birth, early years, and more via my exclusive research. So, what’s left?

Photo montage of great Lee Marvin images courtesy of Facebook friend, Aldora Terrell.

Well, apparently, the web has caught on to the idea of celebrating the life and work of Lee Marvin, and for that I am of course grateful. There have a been a couple of pretty good blog entries about him today. Take for instance this wonderful tribute by blogger Sheila O’Malley. Well done, Sheila.
But then there are others which are meant well but feel more like a caraway seed in my wisdom tooth. A website called Groovy History recently posted about Marvin and not only misspelled my name as a reference source, they misinform the reader about the life and work of Lee Marvin and to my my mind, THAT is unforgivable. Seriously. A film extra right after the war? No mention of his years of stage work on and off Broadway? His training with the American Theater Wing? A pacifist? Come on! As my Facebook friend Erc Farkas wrote me, “Did he even read your book?” Sigh.
Ah well, be that as it may all one can do is simply say Happy 96th birthday, Lee. Glad they still remember you. But hey, if you want to get the facts straight, read the Award-Winning NY Times Bestseller, Lee Marvin Point Blank. Better yet, watch a Lee Marvin movie. Talk about your win/win scenarios! In both instances, you won’t be disappointed.
– Dwayne Epstein

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