LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK : New Reviews Feb. 13 – 16

Lee Marvin Point Blank

Hello one and all,

I’ve been honored (and more than a little surprised!) to get some great reviews during the past week for my new biography, “Lee Marvin: Point Blank.”  Have you had the chance to read the book yet?  If you have any comments or questions, fire away below.  D.E.


February 16th – Vanity Fair Magazine, James Wolcot “Wash His Face, He’s Fine.” 

“In Lee Marvin: Point Blank, written by Dwayne Epstein, the action star who terrorized the West with a bullwhip in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, taught a squad of murderers and borderline psychos how to love again in The Dirty Dozen, and let Angie Dickinson use him as a punching bag for her furious little fists in the movie that gives this bio its subtitle weaves through the pages like the big rangy scary cat he was.”

February 13th – Edge Boston, Phil Hail, “Lee Marvin: Point Bank”

“Epstein … provides a mature and unbiased consideration of a difficult yet memorable subject.”

February 13th – Star-Telegam, Celeste Williams, “New books on murder, mayhem and a tough guy”

“The author, a freelance journalist with several biographies to his credit, has parlayed his admiration of Lee Marvin into a comprehensive look at film’s quintessential tough guy.”


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