Gun World

Lee Marvin was a fan of the written word, despite his undiagnosed ADD, and throughout his life he proved to be a frustrated writer. Attempts at writing fiction bear this out  as seen in samples reprinted in Lee Marvin Point Blankas well as his work on the scripts of several film projects, such as The Wild Bunch. According to first wife, Betty Marvin, she and Lee both collaborated on several script ideas, which would be interesting to speculate what may have become of them had they reached the screen….

Below is an example of his writing on a subject near and dear to his heart: hunting in the wild, in this case, dove downing, with a few asides into his history and love of hunting, as published in Gun World Magazine (click to enlarge each page)gunworld1gunworld2gunworld3gunworld4gunworld5

By the way, although uncredited, it was recently brought to my attention that the wonderful photographs accompanying Lee’s article were taken by Richard Friske. It was Friske’s son Matthew who brought it to my attention and thank you for it, Matthew. According to Matthew, his father and Lee would go hunting and fishing in and around Tucson quite a bit. Cool, huh?

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