Lee Marvin memes may not be a burning topic of conversation amongst film fans, but a simple Google search has certainly brought it to my attention and worthy of the attention of this blog since it is dedicated to the man via my definitive biography, Lee Marvin Point Blank.

Truth be told, I wasn’t even sure how to pronounce meme until a few years ago, let alone how to create one. However, over time, several enterprising and movie savvy geeks created some pretty good Lee Marvin memes as highlighted below.

From a simple p.r. photo, to LIBERTY VALANCE to HELL IN THE PACIFIC to PAINT YOUR WAGON, the effect of the pandemic is obvious.

I’ll start with the most topical for 2020 which, sadly, may now become just as relevant in 2021 and possibly beyond thanks to the surge in Corona Virus infections.

This meme came to me via social media, as most of them have over the years. Some are rather “punny,” like the one of Marvin on his drunken horse from Cat Ballou.

I wonder if Glenn Campbell ever saw this one.

Others are just photoshopped images in need of a caption, like the one of Marvin with Count Basie. 

Any caption suggestions for this Lee Marvin meme including M SQUAD theme composer Count Basie is most welcome.



Then there are the ones that really impress me. The creator, Cris Shapan, goes out of his way to make realistic record album covers with bizarre content. I love the fact that this one even has that worn ring emerging from the LP through the cover image. Talk about realism!


The title says it all.

Since the print is kind of small, I can tell you the content

consists of 

“Wild Irish Rose,”

“Punch Me Face.”

“Peat Moss Jig,”

“Pub O’ Me Heart,”

“Who Threw Paddy’s Petrol Bomb In Missus Murphy’s Chowder?,”

“Oh Golly, O’Gallegly,”


“The Bog I Love,”

“D’yer Glagh Nokt.” 

The only made up Irish ditty that’s missing is “Whale Oil be Fooked.” 
Then there’s this last one which is a personal favorite. No other words are necessary.

“Lee Marvin at the Might Wurlitzer Sings About Pussy”

– Dwayne Epstein


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The popularity of the TV show M Squad, prompted the release of a soundtrack that was so popular in its day, producer/star Lee Marvin actually did a voiceover annoucement at the end of some episodes informing viewers that the album had sold out but more will be forthcoming. The cover (seen below) was part of the album’s appeal….






When liner notes were needed for the album, the show’s co-producer, under the banner of his company Latimer Productions, could think of nobody better to write them than the gentleman below. Click to enlarge…..

MSQUAD3It only made sense for Marvin to write about the show’s cool, jazzy score since he himself was a major jazz & blues fan, as recounted in fascinating anecdotes throughout the text of Lee Marvin Point Blank. In fact, a few years, after the show went off the air he told a humorous anecdote on The Merv Griffin Show concerning the composition of the main theme. He was at a Jazz club in Chicago to hear Count Basie play and after the set, Marvin invited Basie to his table for a drink. When Marvin proceeded to thank Basie for composing the theme to M Squad, Basie told him, “I was playing golf that weekend. It was written by one of the boys in my band.” Marvin bought Basie a drink…anyway.

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