Two-time Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank turns 46 today and I for one wish her a most happiest of birthdays! She’s an extremely talented actress, and I was lucky enough to write about her back in 2007. Matter of fact, although it was written for the Young Adult market, it remains to this day the only biography in existence on Hilary Swank and for that, I take extreme pride. 

From 2007, the cover of my Young Adult bio on actress Hilary Swank.

When I was contracted to write about her, it was done as a successful pitch as most of the titles I was given were assigned. In between I’d submit a laundry list of possible subjects and much to my surprise, Hilary Swank was green-lighted. All this was being done while I was still attempting to get Lee Marvin Point Blank to see the light of day, which would be another several years. Good thing it did as researching and writing about the likes of Hilary Swank, among others, helped me immensely when it came to working on Lee Marvin. As stated previously in this blog, Swank’s career had allowed me to discuss such sensitive subjects as transgender issues, and more for the young adult market as well as the effect it had on writing career
All that said, I celebrate the life and work of Hilary Swank on the day of her birth. Her career may not have remained the same since I wrote about her way back when, but she remains extremely active by still not taking the traditional path of such contemporaries as Charlize Theron or Angelina Jolie. Those Oscar-winning actresses have yet to return to the kind of roles that earned them their Oscars, while Swank continues to avoid being typecast as either ass-kicking comic book superheroes or voluptuous arm candy. By staying true to her dream, she may yet return to the Oscar stage for an amazing third win. Why am I so optimistic about her chances? Well, as I wrote in the intro to my book, she has and remains true to her dreams. There’s a lesson there somewhere….
– Dwayne Epstein

Table of Contents to my Hilary Swank bio.

Introduction HILARY SWANK.

Conclusion of intro.

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