Action Figure
Ahh, action figures! What would the Baby Boomer male’s childhood be without them. I remember the old Charles Schulz Peanuts cartoon in which Lucy chided Schroeder by saying Beethoven couldn’t possibly be famous since he’s never had his picture on a bubble gum card. In the 50s-60s era that was probably the case. Nowadays, it seems the famous (and infamous) aren’t a known entity until they’ve had their likeness made into an action figure. Well, a few years back a company in Japan called Dragon immortalized Lee Marvin in fame for all-time.

Silly, isn’t it? What person in their right mind would pay money for a 12 inch action figure of Lee Marvin in The Dirty Dozen? Didn’t even rate mentioning in my book Lee Marvin: Point Blank! Below are several scans of the box it comes in and no, there are no pix of the actual figure. Do you think I’d take mine out of the box and remove it’s mint condition? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! Besides, I paid good money for this ‘collectible,’ in spite of the fact that the urge to take it out of its blister pack asylum is almost overwhelming…..
action figureaction figureaction figure

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