Jamie Burrows, host of the podcast entitled Remotely Entertaining he does out of Rochester, New York, recently invited me on to his show and it was quite a fun experience. Interesting in that Lee Marvin Point Book has already come out several years ago and yet the interest is still pervasive, thank god.
I really didn’t know that much about him or his podcast when a mutual friend via Facebook asked if I would be willing to do the show. A little Googling revealed some interesting aspects of the man that made me decide to go ahead and do the show. Apparently, he’s also some done acting and can be seen in good form in a short film thriller available on Vimeo called Bosworth. Hey, it’s only about a half hour long so give it a look if you’ve got the time to kill.
Speaking of time to kill, Jamie and I eventually spoke for a little over an hour on a range of subjects that I intentionally made sure to bring back to Lee Marvin whenever possible.

Screen grab from my recent talk with Jamie Burrows.

It’s funny in that I had not done this sort of thing in some time, as you can see in my recent previous blog posts. Naturally, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to rise to challenge but, give me the chance to discuss Lee Marvin and films in general and all is right with the world.
Oh, one more thing that I can take a little pride in stating. Yeah, I’m more gray than in previous interviews, but I am also more than fifty pounds lighter than in the past. Don’t know if it shows or not on my once fat face but I thought it worthy of pointing out.
And so, I give you Jamie Burrows and myself, remotely speaking. Enjoy…..
– Dwayne Epstein

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