Lee Marvin’s first wife, Betty was a great help to my research and practically all of what she told me went into the pages of Lee Marvin: Point Blank. It is impossible to overpraise her valuable assistance. Her insight into her ex-husband was fascinating and always on the money.
Below is a rare exception of a comment by her that did not get into the book. She speaks of her husband’s appeal which is  accompanied by 2 applicable, yet unused photos. By the way, having worked with Bogart, Marvin was always flattered yet embarrassed by the comparison…
“Lee’s screen appeal in a way was a lot like Bogart, except that Lee was actually much better looking than Bogart. Lee, of course, had a great body and looked great in clothes. Lee really had great style. His social wardrobe was just a knockout. We both used to love to dress up. He was very handsome….”


“….The older he got, the more handsome he became. There was a period there, when his hair got really silver, he looked wonderful, especially the way he carried himself. He was lucky in the sense that it took him all the way to the end of his life.”
Gorky Park

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