On what would have been his 74th birthday, PointBlankBook.com has found a perfectly useable connection to Lee Marvin and birthday boy, John Lennon. You may or may not know a more prominent connection. John Lennon was a big fan of The Wild One, and as stated in Lee Marvin: Point Blank, Marvin’s gang in the film, The Beetles, proved to be quite inspirational.
Stranger still, but nontheless applicable, is yet another Beatle connection. When Lee Marvin’s recording of “Wanderin Star” from Paint Your Wagon was released as a single, no one was more surprised by its success than Marvin himself. The record company that released the single in England crowed no little bit about the success and paid for the following ad to be placed in the industry’s BillBoard magazine…..

Billboard Magazine ad touting Marvin's successful release of his singel of Wandern' Star.

Billboard Magazine ad touting Marvin’s successful release of his singel of Wandern’ Star.


The ad’s copy, barely visible in the bottom right corner, boastfully states:
We said LEE MARVIN had a record! But “Wanderin’ Star” is a song as timely as today from a story that is ageless.
Lee Marvin’s record of “Wanderin’ Star “from the movie “Paint Your Wagon.” PD’s [Program Directors] throughout the country loved the record.
“It’s the most different thing I’ve heard,” was what we heard most. “But when can I play it” is the thing we heard second most.
For anyone who missed the flash, this record was #1 — in England. It kept the Beatles out of the top of the chart.
We have just sent you a shining brand new copy of “Wanderin’ Star.” Listen to it again.
Get with the picture playing in every neighborhood in America.
Just play it. It takes care of itself.

That’s right. He kept the Beatles from having one last number 1 hit in the UK. The Beatles’ single came close but topped out at number 2. This fact, of course was NOT lost on Marvin who chided his Beatle-loving son Christopher about it constantly.
What was the Beatle song that Marvin kept out of the top spot? Well, let’s just say…..

The Beatles - Let It Be

The Beatles – Let It Be

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