In doing research for Lee Marvin Point Blank, I was extremely lucky to eventually win over the confidence of Lee’s older brother Robert, who still lived in the Marvin family home in Woodstock when I met up with him in 1995. Several visits to the Marvin family homestead in upstate New York’s Hudson River Valley yielded some of the best and most exclusive research information of my entire project. It also allowed me a better sense of what Lee Marvin’s life was like as a youngster and after the war. Luckily, I brought my Nikon with me and took some pictures as it really hadn’t changed all that much in the ensuing years, in spite of the famous rock concert….
HUDSONAbove is the legendary Hudson River on the drive up to the Marvin homestead. Below, is the cementary called The Artist’s Colony which is the final resting place of Lee’s mother, Courtenay, who passed suddenly in 1962 of a brain hemmorage…

COURTENAYMARKERAlmost ten years later, Lee’s father, Monte also passed due to complications involving alcoholism and was laid to rest next to Courtenay….

MONTEMARKERIn the small village of Woodstock, the Maverick Theater, where Lee made his profesional acting debut, is long gone but the Village Green, which played an inauspicous role in in his fledgling acting career (Lee Marvin Point Blank, pp. 60-61), is still very much in existence as it was in his day. It would not be hard to imagine him here as he was described in the book….

VILLAGEGREENOn the outskirts of Woodstock, nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, in a small burg called Bearsville, lies the Marvin home….

WDSTK-D1Standing near the front porch of the family home with Robert Marvin shortly after our first in-person meeting. Note the Caskills in the background…..


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