Angel Tompkins worked with Lee Marvin brilliantly in the 1972 cult film Prime Cut. At the time I was researching Lee Marvin Point Blank (which has exclusive info about making the strange Michael Ritchie film), I had not been able to contact her. Now that the book has been out for a while, I was lucky enough to come in contact with her via Facebook. When I asked her back in March of 2013,  about the experience of working with Lee, her response was both refreshing and eye-opening……

Angel Tompkins

2 ad campaigns for Prime Cut. The one on the left wisely included an image of Angel Tompkins.


“Lee Marvin was a delight and consummate actor to work with. He was respectful of women he worked with on the set and loved to act. We had the hottest scene and the studio, National General, had it recut because it was so hot that when there was an airing on KCET of the film the audience calls went nuts…Now the film would be a PG rating.

Angel Tompkins

Angel Tompkins’ featured item in the Prime Cut Pressbook

We were nominated by the NATO awards and his new/former sweetheart [Pam Marvin] would not allow us on the stage together or to be photographed together. Such a shame…I just appreciated him for his manners on the set and gift as an actor. Whatever she thought she was wrong, I never fell for my leading men ever, work was work and a joy to create characters. Pity the absurd fantasies of wives and girlfriends. …
P.S. I wore a see through knited dress that clinged to ever angle at the awards (with nude one piece to cover parts) but Lee still made a wonderful comment when his wife wasn’t present as we walked together towards the awards banquet. He wasn’t drinking on Prime Cut either. love and joy to all. thanks Angel Tompkins “

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