Amazon’s Kindle of Lee Marvin Point Blank, an Amazon product, had been persona non grata on their website as I had noted previously. Well, as I also noted in the same blog entry, I’d let you know when it returns. I can now state with a certain level of relief, it’s back! 

Screen grab image of Amazon’s Kindle of LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK.

With less relief, I can also state that it’s rather buried on a page that is not part of the book’s full listing but separately, which is elsewhere. Took me a while to find this out. Very disappointing, I must say. Why did this happen? Well, according to my publisher Tim Schaffner’s fairly recent e-mail:
“I have some great news to share with you concerning our press and recent developments that have taken place. As of Friday, January 6th, we are no longer  distributed by Independent Publishers Group, and are now officially with a new distributor, Baker & Taylor Publisher Services, whose warehouse and operational center are in Ashland, Ohio, and executive corporate offices are in Chicago. Their CEO is Mark Suchomel, who had originally signed Schaffner Press with IPG in 2006. So, after fifteen years with IPG, it seems apt that we have moved to a new distributor with him and some other familiar faces to welcome us as well. Further, we are in good company with the likes of McSweeney’s and Toronto-based ECW among the list of fellow literary publisher clients. While this move may not immediately affect your title or titles in terms of distribution and sales, B&TPS provides a dedicated full-time sales force, both domestically and internationally, that I believe will be a boon to our continued success  in the coming years. Furthermore,  their connection to their parent company, Baker & Taylor, will allow us to use their vast resources and connections with independent booksellers and libraries throughout the country and the world.”
   I had no idea how to find said Kindle but came across it by chance, which probably explains the lackluster sales numbers seen below.

Kindle sales rank on Amazon as of March, 2022.

That can change of course, if you click here. Oh, and the paperback is still very much available, as well.
 So, do yourself a favor. Turn off the depressing news about the Ukraine invasion, pandemic news, and other depressing offerings and download a good book. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
– Dwayne Epstein

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Amazon’s Kindle of my book Lee Marvin Point Blank has been temporarily suspended. Click the link in blue and you’ll see what I mean. Rather disappointing considering how brisk the sales have been, lately.

Kindle sales rank from January 2nd.



Kindle sales rank from January 5th.

Due to the percentage of royalties it generates (more than the paperback or hardcover) the regular payments I get will surely suffer.
When I first noticed the absence of the Kindle I thought it was just some sort of technical glitch. When it went on for several days, I contacted my publisher, Tim Schaffner of Schaffner Press. He did not know about it being suspended but did explain the reason. Apparently, he negotiated a deal for a new distributor as he no longer is distributing his titles with the Independent Publishing Group (IPG) out of Chicago. According to Tim, the new distributor (the name of which escapes me at the moment) casts a much wider net, especially internationally, which is why he went them. He assured me that ultimately it will be a good thing but in the interim, Amazon’s Kindle won’t be available for a little while longer.
When it comes back I have no idea, hopefully soon. When it does, however, I’ll post about it here. But in the mean time, there’s still the paperback with its revisions intact. Just so you know, those revisions include a Q&A with yours truly, updated info in the text, a Reader’s Guide and more. So, with that in mind, feel free to get the paperback as a gift for friends or family members until the Kindle comes back. Besides, a physical book can be autographed where a Kindle can’t. Just saying….

– Dwayne Epstein

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