The IMDb, short for the Internet Movie Database has recently gotten around to listing some of my credits, finally. I say finally since I’ve been able to get my face in the media for several years but only recently has the IMDb decided to give me an actually listing for some of my appearances promoting Lee Marvin Point Blank, among other appearances. Oh, and speaking of Lee Marvin Point Blank, the mystery of the disappearing Kindle has been solved via its own page on Amazon….

Cover image of the Kindle of Lee Marvin Point Blank now available again on Amazon.

But back to the IMDb. I’m glad they did finally get around to mentioning some of the things I’ve done in an efforts to promote Lee Marvin, but in fairness, they still have not listed some of the things I’ve appeared in along the same lines. When I wrote my Young Adult bio for Lucent Press’s People in The News series on Hilary Swank I was featured on the E! channel’s documentary about her. I also was interviewed on the local PBS station by Maria Hall Brown here in L.A. not long after the book came out.

Better still, anybody remember the old A&E Biography series? Well, word got out that I was working on a Lee Marvin bio and the producers of the show contacted me for some possible graphics and research material. After speaking with them they decided to include me for an on air interview, which, by the way, is how I met Angie Dickinson. Bottom line, the year that episode aired, they show won the Emmy for best Documentary Series. I kid thee not. Would be nice if the good folks at the IMDb picked up on that!
– Dwayne Epstein

Screen grab of my IMDb listing that still falls short of some of the appearances I’ve made on behalf of LEE MARVIN POINT BLANK.

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