Connie Martinson, veteran host of the cable show Connie Martinson Talks Books, interviewed yours truly when Lee Marvin Point Blank first came out. It was arranged via the publicist my publisher contracted. The interview was taped in a room at the Santa Monica Library and Ms. Martinson could not have been more pleasant and accommodating. Having recently posted the interview I did with Sandra Mitchell on KCAL9 News, I thought why not post the interview I did with Ms. Martinson?

Connie and me from her show, CONNIE MARTINSON TALKS BOOKS.

 I was pleasantly surprised when I met her to discover she was married to Les Martinson, whom I had interviewed for my book. Naturally, she worked that little factoid into our discussion. Also, I must say, having done several such shows to promote the book, after the show was completed, I told her how impressed I was by the fact that she actually read my book and made copious notes via her visible Post-Its on the pages. 

Connie’s hand and ever present Post-It note in evidence as she holds my book to the camera.

She then asked, “Doesn’t everybody who interviews you read your book?” When I told her no, the look of shock was wonderful as she stated, “Then they shouldn’t have their job!” A terrific response, in my opinion.
I found out later what great company I was in to have been on her show as it’s been on the air locally since 1979 and has had such luminaries on as Ray Bradbury, Studs Turkel, Maya Angelou, Al Gore and a neophyte Illinois senator promoting his book named Barack Obama. 
Only other thing I’d add before viewing the video below is how jarring it is to see myself then. Since that interview back in 2013, I have lost over fifty pounds and man, does it make a difference! So, all that said, heeeeeeerrrrreee’s Connie!
– Dwayne Epstein

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