Lee Marvin made his professional theatrical debut in the summer of 1947 in Woodstock New York’s Maverick Theater production of “Roadside.” it proved to be a magical summer for all involved. What that summer meant to Marvin is detailed in Lee Marvin Point Blank. Luckily, some images of Marvin’s stage appearances that summer have survived….



A double-exposed image of Marvin with another actor from the Maverick’s production of the controversial WWII racially charged play “Home of the Brave” is show above.

Summer stock also meant learning roles as soon as possible, no matter the part. Below is an example of Marvin in appropriate age make-up (and attitude) for the A.A. Milne comedy, “Mr. Pim Passes By”…..
INPERFORMANCECan you pick out Marvin in the 2 images below? These rare images show Lee and his fellow actors in rehearsal for the play “Thunder Rock.” The images illustrate the size of the Maverick not being very large but it certainly accommodated…
MAVERICK-1David Ballantine, who was Lee’s best friend in Woodstock after the war, witnessed that time and may have summed it up best when he told me the following:  “Years later I saw a girl from those days at the Woodstock library fair. I said to her, this about the Maverick Theater: ‘My god, was it really as good as I remember it was, or was it just the glow of many years?’ She said, ‘No, David. It was that good.’ It worked very, very well.”


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