Sam Fuller!
I ‘ve been extremely fortunate in my research for Lee Marvin: Point Blank to get to know several film greats and few were greater than the legendary Sam Fuller, so much so that way back in February 1998 FilmFax Magazine allowed me to reminscence on the great man’s passing. Below is the cover. Hey, they had to sell copies, right?

Okay, so it’s not the cover story. That aside, at least I did get to write what I want. I also had access to rare pictures and was able to express and expand on some personal anecdotes in my own clunky way and came up with a catchy title. In fact, that cute little girl in the photos with Sam? That’s Sam and Christa Fuller’s daughter, Samantha. She’s now the director of a wonderful new documentary about her father entitled, that’s right, A Fuller Life.

What was it like to be friends with the great Sam Fuller? That can only be answered by reading the article below. So, sit back, read and enjoy. As Sam Fuller himself would’ve said, it’s a helluva yarn!




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