Anybody else beside me remember Saga Magazine from back in the 1970s? Saga Magazine was a weird mix of fake hard news, conspiracy theories, macho adventurers, celebrity profiles and scantily clad — but never quite nude (dammit!) — up-and-coming young starlets and models. It was for that reason I didn’t put it in the category of ‘Men’s Magazines” as I did with the Police Gazette, and the like. Based on the 75¢ cover price it might best be described as maybe a poor’s man’s Esquire. Better yet, anybody else remember the magazine, Argosy? Yeah, it’s more like that.
In researching Lee Marvin Point Blank I of course had to scour everything available on Marvin and this article was one of them.There are some decent quotes in it but the  attributed author, Jim Sirmans (or perhaps the editor), really needed to check the facts in the piece. Lee’s father’s name was NOT Courtenay. That of course, was his mother’s name. The film he made with John Wayne was not The Heroes but The Comancheros. Ah well.  Enough nitpicking. Below is the article I speak of. Enjoy!

Cover of the June, 1974 issue of SAGA barely featuring Lee Marvin.

First page of the article in SAGA featuring some interesting contrasting images of Marvin.

Lee Marvin SAGA profile, Page 1.

Lee Marvin SAGA profile, Page 2.

Lee Marvin SAGA profile, Page 3.

Lee Marvin SAGA profile, Page 4.

Lee Marvin SAGA profile, Page 5.


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