One of the best sources for my research on Lee Marvin Point Blank was Lee’s older brother, Robert Marvin, pictured below with Lee in the family home in Woodstock, probably Xmas Eve, 1968. Understandably reticent at first, Robert eventually opened up to me and shared the story of his family in a way he had never done before. They had a very complex relationship, Lee and Robert, one that Robert himself was not always too sure about. In fact, I firmly believe it was a major factor in his reticence to share his thoughts and memories with me. That sharing included the following opening statement about his world famous brother:


Robert & Lee Marvin, Xmas 1968 in Woodstock, NY.

“He was a jigsaw puzzle. As his brother, I can tell you, I sometimes wonder what the hell was the matter with him. I really do.”

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  1. Great photo and comment, Dwayne! You were so lucky as a biographer and researcher to have access to Lee’s brother and have him open up in such a candid manner. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  2. I was one of Robert Marvin’s art student at John Dwyer Junior High school, 1967-1968. He was an awesome teacher, I never forgot him and all I learned from him. I regret not returning to the school in my later years to thank him for been a great teacher.

    I recall and never forgot, he telling the class that he was Lee Marvin’s brother, and now, after so many years past am happy to learn that he truly was. I take much pride!!

  3. He was my art teacher also at John Dwyer. I took his class because it seemed easier than music. I did not know that I could draw until he assured me I had talent. With his help and inspiration I got a portfolio together and was accepted in both Music and Art HS and Art and Design HS. I attended A&D and went on to become an architect. I remember him as a soft spoken man. He only said that he was Lee Marvin’s brother because at that time Lee was nominated for an Academy award and it was a buzz around the school.

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    • Wow, Monisa. What a wonderful story! So very glad to hear that Robert was so inspirational for you. He was very self-deprecating when it came to his work as a teacher so it gladdens me to know he did indeed may a positive difference.

  4. I met Robert and his wife at a ceremony in Arlington, Va. He was dressed as 3 star General. I thought he was Lee so talked to him. My husband was doing ceremony. Old Guard Commander. I recognize him from this photo. He said he was not Lee but his brother and they were not close. I saw him once more at another ceremony. Now to learn he was a Prvt? Totally confused.

  5. Robert Marvin was my Art Teacher back in 1972, at John Dwyer JHS 133, in the Bx. My first question to him was, are you related to Lee Marvin?

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