Since records are making such a comeback, I thought I’d post images of the remainder of my Lee Marvin vinyl soundtrack collection. First up, the four record set of The Iceman Cometh, the eventful filming of which is detailed in Lee Marvin Point Blank. The album consists of the entire audio of the film, a pamphlet about the play and this really impressive original cover art. Try getting all that on CD!


The Iceman Cometh Soundtrack cover

In 1976, Marvin made two films for drive-in fodder studio AIP as they attempted to class up their stable. Much money was spent on Shout at the Devil but the soundtrack was an inexplicable French release. …..

Maurice Jarre’s score for the film is melodic but certainly not on par with his more impressive work for David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia & Dr. Zhivago, or even Richard Brooks’ The Professionals. The best reason for listening? Lee Marvin & The Barflies rendition of “Shagging O’Reilly’s Daughter.” It just has to heard to be believed…


Shout at the Devil soundtrack cover


Shout at the Devil soundtrack back cover


Lastly, James Horner’s score for Michael Apted’s Gorky Park, a decent film worthy of rediscovery, if only for Marvin’s wonderful performance as Jack Osborne and Horner’s haunting “Tubular Bells”-like main theme.
Whether popular or not, vinyl soundtracks will always be collectible to your truly,
– Dwayne Epstein


Gorky Park Soundtrack

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