I’ll probably regret this but the president-elect’s recent twitter rant over flag burning reminded me of something I wrote a long time on the same subject…almost 30 years ago (“Old Glory: The Burning Question”). No, it does not concern Lee Marvin, however, I could not have come to write Lee Marvin Point Blank without keeping my chops up in other areas of non-fiction.
A long time ago, before fake news sources, before blogs like this one, hell, before the internet even, there used to be newspapers, local and national, and I wrote for one of them, local that is. I was hired on as editorial assistant after freelancing for a while and soon become the sole staff member, along with the editor, of 5 area New Jersey newspaper under the auspices of Cranbury Publications. The editor and I were polar opposites politically so he thought it would be a good idea to write pro- and con- editorials for the paper, even on national issues! When we did, the response was impressive, at least to us it was.
I took the left p.o.v. and he took the right. At that time, in the late 80s. flag burning was in the news so we took it on. Armed with some recent news sources and the Constitution, I made my case. In rereading what I wrote at the time I was surprised to see Justice Scalia and Kennedy’s comments in my editorial. Shows you what I remember More importantly, doesn’t the President-elect have anything better to do with his time then spending hours tweeting nonsensically on long dead controversies? He could, oh, I don’t know, show up for briefings, work on his staffing his cabinet, how about simply reading the Constitution he’ll soon be sworn-in to defend? Just a thought. Do I sound bitter about the election? If  I do it’s because I am.
I have no idea what Lee Marvin would have thought about the issue of burning Old Glory, let along the prospect of the next president’s administration. I do, however, know what I thought about the the issue in 1989 and below is my response to it. Hasn’t changed one bit!

My Cranbury Publication editorial on flag burning from 1989.

My Cranbury Publication editorial on flag burning from 1989.

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  1. I too, am bitter about the Election results! VERY ANGRY! Reading your words confirms what I believe and will always believe. In conclusion, we are up the proverbial river with a paddle named Trump, who would (if he could…and perhaps may) destroy our Constitution and the rights contained therin. Thankyou Sir for your book, and blog. Sincerely yours.

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