MOVIE CRAZY: Leonard Maltin Reviews “Lee Marvin: Point Blank”



Movie Crazy


Late last month, Leonard Maltin gave my new book “Lee Marvin: Point Blank” a stellar review. The renowned film author of countless books himself (of which I own more than a few) has a well-earned reputation for knowing his cinematic history and is consequently, a well sought after maven by fledgling authors of film history, such as myself.
It was not an easy thing to convince him to read and write-up a piece on my book as he has a mutltiude of such requests on a regular basis. After much cajoling from my distributor’s publicist and a wee bit of luck, he managed to squeeze Lee Marvin Point Blank into his overflowing schedule. I will give you a sample below, but by all means, please go to his site to see the full review. He has a wonderful blog called “Movie Crazy.”

“I doubt anyone will ever match its (Lee Marvin: Point Blank) breadth and depth in assessing Lee Marvin’s life and career.”Leonard Maltin


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