Mike Perry & Wendy White are two movie buffs I’ve encountered via social media. Although I doubt they know each other one thing is for certain: they both very much appreciate the life & career of Lee Marvin. In fact, each of them contacted me seperately to express their appreciation of my work on Lee Mavin Point Blank and to ask if they could blog about Lee Marvin on their respective websites. Canadian Mike conducted a Q&A with yours truly, while Pittsburgh’s Wendy constructed a rather impressive bio on Lee utilizing much of the  research I dug up while writing. Matter of fact, others on such social media sites as Facebook have taken it upon themselves to help promote my work, such as The Crime Film Club (see below).

Screenshot from Facebook’s Crime Film Club.

I find it quite comforting to know that even though my book came out 9 years ago, there are still folks like Mike Perry & Wendy White discovering it for the first time, reveling in it, and are willing to share it with their friends and family. Quite comforting indeed.
It reminds me of something my agent, the late Mike ‘The Mensch’ Hamilburg, said to publisher Tim Schaffner to help convince him to publish my book: “Lee Marvin fans will come out from behind the curtain and make the book a perennial.” It certainly helped that the video store in Tim’s neighborhood was having a Lee Marvin promo at the same time. Talk about the stars being aligned!
Well, as I said, Mike Perry & Wendy White wanted to share their appreciation for my work in celebration of what would have been Marvin’s 98th birthday and do so in grand style. So, without further ado, I give you Mike Perry’s Q&A and Wendy White’s blog entry. Enjoy! I know I did.
– Dwayne Epstein
P.S. Happy heavenly birthday, Lee!

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  1. Hi Dwayne,
    Thank you for linking Wendy’s blog. I especially enjoyed the clips of Raintree County, since I don’t have it on dvd. After it was screened on TCM last January 31, I received a phone call from my brother which went “you drove 20 miles to dad’s and paid $7 on a bridge toll to watch a movie?!” I did not tell him that Flash’s final scene makes me weep. I told him nothing. 😐

    The blog didn’t mention the undiagnosed dyslexia problem under Lee’s Childhood. There may have been an impatient or abusive teacher that lashed out at him, which then made the sensitive child be late or absent from school countless times.

    Also, under Lee – Professional Actor and the interesting take on scene stealing. There’s one scene in Bad Day at Black Rock I’ve always wondered about. In the hotel lobby, Smitty (Robert Ryan) is sitting down, rambling on about something, and to the right of the screen, Lee is walking away from the camera and tucking his shirt in on the back side. The shirt is too short to stay under the jeans and slips out right away. It’s so distracting, each time I’ve seen it, I’ve never grasped what Smitty said!

    • Hi Shawn,
      Hope you’ve been well. As always, thanks again for the response to my blog entry. I don’t know your brother but based on what you wrote he clearly is not a Lee Marvin fan, which is okay…I guess.
      As to Lee’s final scene in Raintree, you’re not the only one emotionally moved by his performance. According to the film’s director, Edward Dymtryk, when he yelled ‘cut!’ the entire veteran film crew broke into sponteanous applause, as I wrote in my book. According to the director it was the first and only time he ever experienced that.
      As to Lee’s shirt tails in Bad Day Black Rock, the film’s screenwriter, Millard Kaufman, (who also wrote the script for Raintree and was a good friend of Lee’s), told me that little bit of business was a brilliant way to keep the audience watching Lee even when he was not the center of attention. So I guess it worked on you, too!

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