The 1950s through the 1970s saw an immense amount of Men’s Magazines flood the market and almost every single one of them at one point or another ran an article on Lee Marvin. Doing research on Lee Marvin: Point Blank found yours truly perusing these periodicals but other than the graphics (ahem!) I found most of these articles were simply rehashed material from other sources. The graphics however, were indeed worthy as one such example below can attest. It’s Topper Magazine from July, 1961…….

Cover of Topper Magazine, July 1961

Cover of Topper Magazine, July 1961

Actually, I’ve never heard of this particular one of these Men’s Magazines entry as it must have gone out of print before I could read it. Small wonder as Marvin isn’t even mentioned on the cover of this issue. However,  inside is a terrific photo layout with a brief introduction explaining how the likes of Marvin’s buddy Keenan Wynn, actor Rory Calhoun, Olympic gold medalist Bob Mathias and legendary stuntman Cary Loftin spend a weekend in Malibu. Personally I love the shot of Marvin in Loftin’s motorcycle sidecar. Take note of how Marvin’s address is shown and also Marvin’s lack of helmet, or any other protective gear, for that matter. He simply wears his bathing trunks and cool shades. Ahh, the simpler days. Enjoy….

Introduction of article in Topper

Introduction of the article in Topper concerning Lee & friends enjoying their weekend biking.


1st page of pix from Topper article

1st page of pix with appropriate captions from Topper article.

Page 2 of pix w/ Marvin, Keenan Wynn, Rory Calhoun & Bob Mathias

Page 2 of pix w/ Marvin, Keenan Wynn, Rory Calhoun & Bob Mathias


FInal page of color pix including Lee Marvin's Malibu home

Final page of color pix including shared libations at the bar of Lee Marvin’s Malibu home.

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  1. Ahh, you’re giving away too much info there, John 😉 .
    By the way, Keenan’s son Tracy saw this layout and wrote the following:
    “Keenan did that “let’s see how high the sidecar can go” routine with me in the hot seat on the SD Freeway circa 1963 in heavy traffic. We made it, but I’ve never been near a motorcycle since.”

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